Hammer Carpets

Beautiful carpet collections and custom carpet design. We are one of the world's most proficient carpet manufacturers. We develop carpets and help customers to create outstanding flooring, where design and quality go hand in hand. Year after year.

Hammer Carpets offers a number of different wall-to-wall carpets for the residential market. Through the years we have specialised in various wool constructions both tufted and flat-woven. The carpets from Hammer Carpets are made in different designs, which are all available in different colour shades from the palette of nature. Thus there are many different structures, patterns and colours to choose from.

Hammer Carpets was founded in 1948 by Sigfred Møller Jørgensen. After starting up in humble buildings, the factory in Birk was built in early 1950’s, where we still reside. Today the company is owned and managed by Ege Carpets.

Our team of experts will be on hand to show you our extensive range of carpets, and offer advice to help you find your dream flooring solution.