Havwoods bespoke wood installation at 3 Brindley Place Birmingham

Mazon Flooring were tasked with providing a bespoke flooring installation, based on an architects plans.

The project involved work on and off-site, and due to the location of the installation, work was generally undertaken outside of working office hours.

After the original floor tiles in the lobby area had been cut and broken out, we proceeded to apply a deep fill to sections, and then followed by a smoothing compound to provide a flat base.

Once the sub-floor preparation work had been completed, we proceeded to install the pre-made panels and make on site adjustments.

Whilst undertaking the installation we installed a brass strip to run between the wood and existing tiles, to provide definition and protect the edges of the wood flooring.

The finished installation is part of an overall project, and elevates the look and grandeur of the lobby.

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