Replacing click vinyl with hard-wearing laminate flooring in Walsall

Mazon Flooring were contacted by an existing client, who were looking to replace the click vinyl flooring in a rental apartment they own. Over a short period of time, the click vinyl had started to fail, and the end joints of the boards had separated and were gapping.

This is not the first time we have seen this issue with click vinyl, and it is appearing more and more due to incorrect specification and use of this type of product. In this instance, there was some minor unevenness in the sub-floor and an underlay that was too soft and spongy had been used, leading to the break down on the vinyl click joint, and resulting failure. The case study photos show the click system that has come off the vinyl and now spread out under the floor. Mazon Flooring are very cautious about the use of click vinyl and the claims that some manufacturers use to sell their products.

We uplifted all of the vinyl flooring, cleaned up the area, and installed an 8mm laminate flooring with a heavy duty AC4 rating, ideal for use in a rental apartment, and coming with a 15 year warranty. The laminate floor has several distinct shades within the pack, resulting in slightly patterned look, which is ideal for concealing marks often found when renting our properties long term. We finished the installation with edge beading and installed sheet vinyl in to the bathroom area.

The finished results provide the client with a long-term solution that will stand the test of time and can be easily maintained by the tenants.

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