The Harmony Collection by Crucial Trading

Elevate your home to a state of perfect harmony with the Harmony Boucle collection from Crucial Trading. This exquisite symphony of tightly wound sisal fibers, meticulously crafted for balance and coordination, sings a soothing melody of comfort every day. It's a dynamic design that combines the robustness of sisal with a timeless boucle weave, creating a blend of coziness and consistency that's unique to Crucial Trading.

Crafted entirely from 100% sisal fibers, known for their exceptional strength and durability (commonly used in creating ropes and twines), Harmony Boucle boasts a tightly woven structure that promises endurance. Sisal's origins trace back to southern Mexico, but this resilient plant can be found in various corners of South America and Asia. Sisal, derived from the exotic agave plant of the same name, embodies sustainability.

Dive into the soothing cyan tones of Pacific Blue, reach for the stars with the brighter hues of Moon Frosty, or ground yourself with the comforting beige shades of Sweet Barley. With a total of nine natural colors, this collection offers versatility to complement any home decor, whether it's modern or contemporary.

The textured design of Harmony Boucle not only adds character underfoot but also seamlessly harmonizes with the overall style of your home, whatever that style may be. 

It's suitable for any room, including hallways and stairs, and is designed to work with underfloor heating for added comfort.

Whether you prefer it as a wall-to-wall carpet or as a bespoke rug, Harmony Boucle is your ticket to a harmonious living space that exudes both elegance and durability.