Invictus Herringbone LVT in New England Oak Toffee – Supply and Installation.

Mazon Flooring specializes in the supply and installation of premium luxury vinyl flooring, such as the exquisite Invictus LVT in the captivating Herringbone New England Oak Toffee design.

Our Commitment to Sub-Floor Excellence:

When faced with sub-floors of varying heights and compositions, including a mix of solid screed, older sub-floors, and boarding, our seasoned team at Mazon Flooring rose to the challenge. Drawing from years of expertise in sub-floor preparation, we ensured a flawless foundation for our customer's luxury vinyl flooring.

Our meticulous approach involved applying a moisture-tolerant smoothing compound over the solid sub-floor areas and laying a 6mm ply board over MDF sub-floors. To safeguard against moisture-related issues, we added a suitable paint-on damp-proof membrane, followed by a final layer of moisture-tolerant smoothing compound.

Seamless Luxury Vinyl Installation:

With the sub-floor perfectly prepared, we proceeded to install the herringbone luxury vinyl plank flooring. Our professional team employed a full-glue down installation method using an adhesive designed to withstand both high and low temperatures. This approach was particularly crucial, considering the substantial south-facing windows in your home, where temperature fluctuations can occur.

Experience the Mazon Flooring Difference:

If you’re seeking a top-tier luxury vinyl flooring installation, trust Mazon Flooring. Our expertise in sub-floor preparation, combined with our dedication to delivering exceptional results, sets us apart in the industry.

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