Titanium Black Floor Panel

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Brand: Concreate

Type: Concreate

A rich seam of dark grey mineral colour permeates through to the surface which is mottled with blemishes and natural imperfections. Panels or planks are machined from pressed sheets of air cured, natural fibre cement – each deliberately rough handled to add industrial marks, blemishes, scratches and dents which enhance the industrial aesthetic unique to Concreate. A bevelled edge is added to the top layer which is bonded to an ultra hard but lightweight, tongue and grooved mineral cement base layer. The tactile surface is then sealed with high solid Danish oil to create a durable and stain resistant floor, ready to install on any flat and stable subfloor with a minimum of preparation. A truly sustainable alternative to conventional poured concrete and heavy polished concrete slabs.


Dimensions 300 x 14 x 1200 mm Pack contents: 0.72 m2 with 2 panels Finish: Titanium Black polished concrete with 3 coats of Concreate high solid natural oil Construction: 4 mm wear layer of fibre reinforced cement with bevelled edge on 4 sides is bonded to a 10 mm non-portland cement base layer with tongue and groove fitting Cleaning & Maintenance: Download Maintenance Schedule Concreate is sealed with high solid natural oil and is water and stain resistant. For detailed advice on how to clean and maintain Concreate flooring click here… Installation basics: Concreate floor planks can be installed on any flat and stable sub floor