Frequently asked questions and answers

Do Mazon Flooring offer a floor installation service?
Mazon Flooring offer an installation service on all of the floors we sell. We don’t usually offer a fit-only service on carpets and flooring that you have purchased elsewhere, as we are unable to fully know the quality, or how it has been stored and looked after.

Do Mazon Flooring undertake site surveys and sub-floor assessment?
As part of our free quotation service, we will visit your property and do an assessment of the area that you require flooring for. We will look at the quality and condition of the sub-floor, assessing any issues such as residual or construction moisture. Once we have carried out the sub-floor assessment, we can supply you with costings and details of the work we would undertake to get the sub-flooring ready for your desired flooring installation.

Do Mazon Flooring offer commercial flooring?
Mazon Flooring have extensive experience in the commercial flooring industry, and are able to supply and install a large range of commercial floor coverings. Mazon Flooring have experience of working on commercial projects across the country, including Liverpool, leeds, London, Birmingham and Manchester. If you are looking for a reliable flooring contractor for your commercial flooring needs, contact Mazon Flooring for a quotation.

Do Mazon Flooring offer a free quotation service?
Mazon Flooring will be happy to provide a free survey and quotation service to our clients.

Do Mazon Flooring offer a supply only service?
Mazon Flooring are happy to provide a supply only service on all of our flooring products. We recognise that sometimes you will have your own installer, or a builder on site who is willing to do the flooring installation. Please feel free to ask our advice, even if we are not undertaking the installation service for you.

Why am I being told my floor is still wet when it looks dry?
An old or newly screeded floor may look dry, when in fact there is still a lot of moisture present. Moisture is one of the biggest threats to floor coverings, and misunderstanding it can lead to countless problems. Mazon Flooring are able to test your sub-floor for moisture levels, and advise on the most suitable course of action. In most cases, the moisture issues can be solved without major expense, but make sure your installer tests moisture levels and understands how to interpret and deal with the results.