Sub-floor preparation

The term sub-floor preparation refers to all of the works undertaken to get your current sub-floor ready for the installation of a new floor covering.

The area of sub-floor preparation is one that is commonly misunderstood and mis-sold by some companies. Many are guilty of underestimating the amount of work involved and not giving the customer a full information and an understanding of the cost involved in a successful flooring project.

Mazon Flooring aim to make our customers aware of all of the costs involved in undertaken their chosen flooring, thus putting them in control of the budgets, and allowing them to look at the full picture. Sometimes a desired floor covering will come over budget after considering all of the cost implications and at this point we can look at alternative floor coverings before it is too late.

Some areas of sub-floor preparation to consider include:

Damp proof membrane – if the area of the building to be floored was built after the mid 1960’s it is most likely it will have and effective damp proof membrane [DPM] built in to the base of the building. However, if the building was built before this time, it may not have an effective DPM and will require the use of a paint on DPM before any floor coverings are installed. Mazon Flooring are able to test your sub-floor moisture levels, advise on the type of damp proof membrane required, the costings, and ultimately undertake the installation of the paint on DPM for you.
Another type of moisture can also occur in sub-floors, which is called residual moisture. This comes from the water that is used during the housing construction process, and typically the water used in a floor screed. Due to the speed at which construction takes place, and the limited amount of drying time afforded to the sub-floor, it is often necessary to install and moisture suppressant, which protects the final floor covering from residual construction moisture. Mazon Flooring have a great deal of experience in the testing of sub-floors and the application of moisture suppressants. We can advise on timescales and offer and supply and install on moisture suppressants, thus protecting your flooring covering.

Floor grinding

Floor smoothing

Dealing with bitumen on sub-floors

Floor levelling

Filling floor gaps