Alternative Flooring captures the natural beauty of Seagrass.

Nurtured in the coastal meadows along the Vietnamese riverbanks, Seagrass is a precious resource, harvested by hand and masterfully woven into exquisite Panama and Herringbone weaves. Each harvest, shaped by the unique climatic conditions, unveils a slightly different yet captivating green hue.

The Seagrass collection from Alternative Flooring captures these wonders and can seamlessly grace your floors as wall-to-wall carpets or be transformed into stunning rugs or runners, allowing you to infuse your spaces with their natural charm.

Textured and brimming with a tropical allure, Seagrass carpets are the epitome of coastal elegance. They effortlessly find their place in bedrooms, lounges, and dining rooms, adding a touch of the exotic to your decor. Plus, they are compatible with underfloor heating, providing an extra layer of comfort to your living spaces.

Let Seagrass transport you to the tranquil coastal meadows, bringing the essence of nature to your home in the form of these beautiful, handcrafted carpets.