From Nature to Your Home: Experience the Versatility of Sisal Malay.

Step into the enchanting realm of the Sisal Malay collection by Alternative Flooring, where the splendour of nature meets eco-conscious design in a seamless fusion of sustainability and sophistication. Crafted from the resilient fibres of the Agave plant, this collection embodies a timeless elegance that speaks to those who appreciate both style and sustainability.

What sets Sisal Malay apart is not just its eco-friendly composition but also its unparalleled versatility and enduring strength, making it an ideal choice for any living space. Whether you're looking to revitalize your home with a fresh aesthetic or seeking to make a statement with timeless sophistication, Sisal Malay offers a solution that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

Featuring a rich spectrum of 13 oriental-inspired shades, from earthy neutrals to vibrant hues, Sisal Malay empowers you to effortlessly discover the perfect color to complement your home's aesthetic. Whether you prefer a warm, inviting ambiance or a bold, dramatic statement, there's a shade to suit every taste and preference.

Yet, the allure of Sisal Malay extends beyond its visual appeal. The chunky texture of the fibres offers a delightful tactile sensation underfoot, adding an extra layer of comfort and luxury to your living space. Whether you're walking barefoot across a wall-to-wall carpet or sinking your toes into a bespoke rug tailored to your space, you'll experience the indulgent pleasure of natural fibres against your skin.