Sip on Style: Introducing Alternative Flooring’s Wool Milkshake collection.

Introducing the Wool Milkshake range from Alternative Flooring - where gelato-hued wool carpets redefine neutrals.

Crafted with a blend of wool and Tencel, these carpets offer a perfect balance of softness and durability, ideal for any space in your home.

Specifically designed with bedrooms in mind, these carpets provide luxurious comfort underfoot, enhancing the cosy ambience of your sanctuary.

Available in a delightful array of pastel colours, from the refreshing "Blueberry" and "Raspberry" to the classic "Vanilla," these carpets add a touch of sweetness to your interior decor.

Whether you prefer fitted carpets, bespoke rugs, or a stair runner, the Wool Milkshake range offers versatility to suit your unique style and space requirements.

With easy maintenance and compatibility with underfloor heating, these carpets offer both practicality and elegance, ensuring a comfortable and stylish addition to your home.