Church Stretton hallway and stairs

Mazon Flooring took on the renovation of a wooden staircase and the task of supplying and installing a bespoke runner that would sympathetically match the age and feel of a period property. The meticulous process began with stripping off the existing finishes from the staircase, followed by sanding each step individually with the appropriate grit sandpaper. To maintain a cohesive look throughout the property, we stained the wood to blend seamlessly with a Ted Todd wood floor we had previously installed in other areas.

Once the staining and sealing process was complete, we carefully installed a carpet stair runner that had been customised to fit the staircase perfectly. The edges were expertly bound, providing a polished and flawless finishing touch.

If you’re considering refurbishing your stairs and adding a stair runner to enhance the beauty of your home, Mazon Flooring is here to assist you. Contact us today for a consultation, and let us bring our expertise to create a stunning staircase that complements your property’s unique character.

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