Laminate floor and floor preparation in Coventry

Mazon Flooring were asked to look at a job that a couple of flooring companies had turned down due to the amount of work involved in the preparation of the sub-floor. The clients preference was to have a laminate floor installed, but wanted it done properly and didn’t want any bounce and echo when walking on the floor.
The current floor was a mixture of floorboards and old ceramic tiles, and there were a number of high a low points across the area.
Mazon Flooring explained the challenges to the client and the cost involved in doing the job to a high standard. Once all costings and laminate flooring colour was agreed, dates we arrange to undertake the floor preparation work and laminate floor installation.
We started by addressing any high point with a combination of flooring grinding, removing tiles that were peaking and sanding the edges of lipping floorboards. The next stage was to ply board over the floorboards and apply a primer and moisture tolerant and flexible smoothing compound over the tiles and partially on to the floorboards.  The smoothing compound thickness ranged from 3mm to 12mm in depth and allows us to solve the issues of high and low point in the floor. The final stage was to install the laminate and skirting boards, which compared to the rest of the process, was the simplest stage, but provided the transformation that the customer was looking for.
Mazon Flooring have the expertise and patience to deal with problematic sub-floors, providing a long-term solution for our customers.
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