Lounge diner transformation with Moduleo Transform Persian Walnut 20444 in Kings Heath

Mazon Fooring were called in to solve an issues with floor levels for a repeat customer. They had an exiting kitchen floor that was tiled, and joined on to the edge of the dining area with a 3 linear meter transition point. The main issue was that the new area to be floored was between 20-40mm lower than the tiled floor, and gradually got worse the closer you got to the back of the property.

Firsty, we laid out a batten system to get the required heights that we wanted to bring the floor to, we then used a mix of Level IT Bond smoothing compound with additional 3mm chippings to build up the height of the floor by the required thickness. We then overlaid the area of the room that had floorboards with 18mm ply. Finally,  we poured a 6mm to 9mm smoothing compound over the top of all of the existing flooring to bring the heights up to the required levels and create one type of sub-floor.
As you can see, the prep work was the major challenge with this job, and once this was done to a high standard, the installation of the flooring became the easy part. We installed a Moduleo Persian Walnut floor from the Transform range, with a click installation method and Xtrafloor underlay from Moduleo. The flooring design is Persian Walnut, which offers a very distinctive and beautiful look. The finished result speaks for itself, and we have a very happy customer.

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