Rental apartment carpet replaced with laminate and vinyl in Birmingham

The client wanted to replace the existing worn and damaged carpet with a long lasting, easily maintainable floor covering. After initial discussions and recommendation, the decision was made to go for a sheet vinyl in the entrance hallway and a hard-wearing 8mm laminate flooring in the main studio area of the apartment. The kitchen already had tiles, so we finished up to these, with a silver door bar to join the two areas.

The laminate flooring we advised is one of our stocked ranges, providing AC4 wear rating for heavy duty domestic and light commercial areas, and a very practical colour for rental usage.

The installation was completed in one day and back to the landlord for renting out with very little down time.

If you have a rental property and would like practical advice on flooring with a long-term wear rating, contact Mazon Flooring to discuss your requirements.

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