Crucial Trading’s Audrey: Embrance Day and Night.

Audrey, the collection that bridges the divide between sunrise and nightfall, is a bold declaration in every room. With hues that span from vibrant sunrise oranges to cool and calming nightfall greys, Audrey leaves an indelible impression. Upholding the legacy of nobility and resilience, 

Audrey is crafted from 100% New Zealand wool, embodying exceptional quality.

This range exudes an audacious and robust character that's bound to leave a lasting mark. Effortlessly transitioning between day and night, it infuses your space with warmth and depth. The delicate wool loop construction adds textured richness and longevity. 100% New Zealand wool fibres nod to the collection's organic heritage. The entire range is also suitable for use with underfloor heating to ensure you stay nice and cost on your new carpet.

Audrey's diverse colour palette boldly experiments with statement stripes for a monochromatic aesthetic or unfurls your creativity with striking shades. As audacious as it is versatile, Audrey is unafraid to carve its identity. With the Audrey collection, you're encouraged to be courageous, take risks, and make a brilliant declaration. Embark on a journey from the soft whispers of dawn to the bold proclamation of nightfall.