Indulge in elegance and Grace, with Crucial Trading.

Drawing inspiration from nature's serene elements, each carpet in the Grace collection captures the beauty of a pearl drop in the ocean, a rocky cove at twilight, or the soft, bouncy allure of a summer cloud. With six different coloured wool loop options, from the calming greys of Smooth Pebble to the blue-ish greys of Sky Blue, Grace brings a touch of royalty and pride to your space.

Tufted for added texture underfoot, Grace is crafted from 100% New Zealand wool fibres, ensuring both comfort and strength. Resilient like a loyal servant, it bounces back with each step and remains steadfast in providing comfort throughout its reign in your home. Grace is not just a carpet; it's a reliable companion for your mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Whether you choose a calming monochromatic palette or opt for two-tone neutral colours, Grace promises an everlasting appeal. Plus, enjoy the added luxury of using Grace with underfloor heating for a cosy and comfortable home experience.