Artistry, Resilience, And Practicality meet Harvey Maria.

Lattice by Dee Hardwicke draws inspiration from the delicate petals of scattered flowers, creating a hand-painted floor design with intricate, organic beauty. The color palette, also born from nature's palette, seamlessly complements the collection's subtle and unique artisan heritage.

But there's more to Lattice than meets the eye. Our floors are not only artistically crafted but also incredibly robust, making them suitable for commercial use. They are designed to withstand the demands of high-traffic areas with ease.

What's more, Lattice floors are completely waterproof and slip-resistant, making them a perfect choice for bathrooms. You can enjoy both style and safety without compromise.

For added comfort, all Harvey Maria floors are compatible with underfloor heating. You can enjoy warmth underfoot while indulging in the elegance of Lattice.

The tiles in our collection are designed to fit tightly together, and our Harvey Maria adhesive creates a watertight bond. This ensures that your floor remains not only visually stunning but also highly durable.

Choose Lattice by Dee Hardwicke for a flooring solution that seamlessly blends artistry, resilience, and practicality. Whether for commercial spaces, or domestic ones, the Lattice collection delivers on both style and performance.