Harwood Oversized Parquet Flooring Installed At Somerset House In Birmingham.

Mazon Flooring were tasked to install a Havwoods oversize parquet floor to the ground floor reception area at Somerset House in Birmingham.

The floor was in a poor state, due to previous coverings being uplifted and leaving the surface uneven and rough. We screeded the floor with Ardex NA to smooth out, and to raise height in a few dipped areas. We also had to grind some high points in front of the lifts to allow the floor to sit at the same height as the metal frame.

Mazon Flooring carried out the installation over several days, and a return visit was made to allow the installation of a metal base plate. We were required to router out holes in the back of the boards to accommodate bolts in the metal base to give the perfect finish.

Subsequently, after the completion of the installation, a decision was made to re-colour the floor. The pictures show the installation stages, along with before and after the colour change.