Capturing the elegance of parquet wood flooring in LVT.

Introducing the Divine Oak Parquet Collection by Invictus Flooring. A luxurious offering of Luxury Vinyl Flooring wood effect flooring that masterfully captures the timeless beauty of parquet wood.

While providing the authentic aesthetic of solid wood flooring, this collection offers the numerous advantages of an LVT floor. Its ease of cleaning and resistance to water, along with impressive durability, all at a lower cost, ensures your floors stay as exquisite as the day they were installed.

In high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairs, where floors are put to the test, these Divine 

Oak parquet floors thrive, maintaining their allure. What's more, this collection boasts Invictus Flooring's Scratchmaster coating, providing an additional layer of protection for your investment.

The Divine Oak Parquet range is available in 3 distinct colours; Pure, Champagne, and cookie. Each one is suitable for the unique aesthetic that you have in your space, call Mazon Flooring and book your showroom appointment to come and view the entire Invictus Flooring range and get our expert advice to help you choose the perfect floor for you.