Invictus Highland Oak Classic to a renovation job in Kenilworth.

Mazon Flooring received a request from our building partner, Pro Build 360, to deliver a flooring solution for a valued client. The objective was to provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing floor for the majority of the ground floor, including a new kitchen extension. Additionally, we were tasked with refitting carpets that had been temporarily removed during the construction to protect them.

Collaborating with the client and Pro Build 360's interior design team, Mazon Flooring carefully selected a floor that would harmonize with the kitchen design and cater to the practical needs of family living. The chosen product was the Invictus Highland Oak Classic luxury vinyl parquet, renowned for its versatility in matching various interior decors.

The installation process commenced with the removal of the existing LVT flooring. 

Subsequently, a surface damp-proof membrane was applied to the new extension areas, and efforts were made to level out any irregularities in the subfloor. Special attention was given to areas around the new kitchen, ensuring a smooth and level surface to accommodate the specific design and plinth requirements.

Once the sub-floor preparation was complete, the intricate herringbone pattern was meticulously laid out, taking into consideration key features like the kitchen, hallway, and staircase. The installation team diligently worked according to the agreed-upon schedule and maintained high standards throughout the process.

The finished result is exceptional, contributing to the property's grandeur while ensuring a comfortable ambience. For those interested in Invictus LVT flooring, contact Mazon Flooring to schedule a showroom appointment or consultation.