Crafted from Nature’s Finest: Ted Todd’s Specialist Wood Collection.

Ted Todd boasts the largest stockholding of specialist wood species in the UK, offering unparalleled diversity in their Specialist Wood collection. Carefully curated, this collection showcases the most exquisite and unique wooden floors, perfect for both residential and commercial projects. Embrace the innate beauty of these rare species, responsibly sourced from sustainable forests worldwide.

From the rich tones of Siberian Larch to the intricate patterns of Pippy Burr Oak, each wood species in the collection tells its own story. Choose from a variety of plank widths and herringbone blocks, with options for unfinished flooring available in depths ranging from 15 to 20mm. Rest assured, all wood in this collection holds either FSC or PEFC certification, ensuring its ethical origins.

In addition to their natural beauty, these specialist wood floors are compatible with underfloor heating systems, offering both luxury and practicality for your space.