Modern Beauty in Every Plank: Ted Todd’s Warehouse Collection.

Explore the Warehouse collection by Ted Todd, featuring an impressive lineup of 27 contemporary and highly functional floors, each showcasing the finest FSC-certified European Oak in its natural-grade splendour. This collection accentuates the textured beauty of European Oak, expertly brushed to enhance its intricate grain detail.

Diversity is a defining characteristic of this collection, offering designs to suit various preferences and interior styles. From wide or extra-wide planks to chevron and the classic herringbone pattern, the Warehouse collection provides options for every taste. Further customization is offered through a choice of two thickness options: 15mm or 20mm, both featuring a wear layer of either 4mm or 6mm.

Engineered for enduring beauty, durability, and stability, the Warehouse collection is particularly suitable for spaces with underfloor heating systems, designed to withstand temperature changes and moisture associated with such setups.

Whether your preference leans toward lighter or darker tones, the Warehouse Collection ensures a selection that seamlessly integrates with your interior style. The timeless charm of these floors guarantees they will remain a cherished part of your home for generations.

In summary, Ted Todd's Warehouse collection embodies modernity and practicality while honouring the inherent allure of European Oak. With its diverse designs, thickness options, and tones, this collection caters to varied tastes and needs, offering homeowners aesthetically pleasing floors that are enduring and well-suited for contemporary living.