Alsapan Herringbone laminate floors available at Mazon Flooring

Mazon Flooring are pleased to announce the ability to supply Alsapan herringbone laminate flooring to our UK customers.

The Alsapan herringbone range is the most realistic laminate floor on the market, and indistinguishable from an engineered wood floor.

If you are looking for a large format engineered wood floor, but at a more reasonable budget, contact Mazon Flooring about the Alsapan herringbone laminate range.

Mazon Flooring have the following colours available.

435 Jefferson
471 Sunset
535 Praline Oak
542 Aronia Oak
619 Sardinia Oak
622 Balaeric Oak
627 Polar Oak

The Alsapan herringbone laminate range has the following features and advantages

- 4 v-groove and realistic to imitiation to engineered wood
- 5G click system for easy installation
- A wax layer on both sides of the joint creates a seal and prevents water ingress
- Compatible with damp areas due to protection of the joints: click fitting, paraffin wax in the grooves and water repellent paint applied to the V-groove edges
- compatible with under floor heating
- 35 year residential warranty
- AC6 rating for very heavy usage
- 12mm thickness
- registered embossed texture to emulate real wood flooring