A Sustainable Blend of Nature and Innovation from V4 Flooring.

Experience the eco-friendly luxury of Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring by V4 Flooring, where nature meets innovation. Crafted primarily from the bark of the Quercus suber or cork oak native to Portugal's Alentejo region, this sustainable choice supports ancient ecosystems and preserves diverse flora and fauna.

Harvested every nine years without harming the tree, cork production from Cortejo ensures a negative carbon balance. The multi-layered cork structure creates a unique personality for each plank, giving your space a distinctive charm.

Cortejo's natural cork surface is shielded with PVC High Resistance Technology, offering superior comfort, and excellent thermal and acoustic performance without resorting to harmful plastics found in other flooring types. Its natural water resistance makes it suitable for any interior space, and it's compatible with underfloor heating, ensuring both easy cleaning and cosy warmth. 

Choose Cortejo for a flooring solution that harmonizes with nature while embracing modern sustainability. If you want more information about the Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring range, book your showroom appointment with us today to view the entire V4 Flooring range.