Combining Tradition with Innovation with V4 Flooring.

Deco Parquet Herringbone by V4 Flooring. It's a harmonious fusion of our most exquisite surfaces, from the wild-grained American black walnut to the deep, lustrous European rustic oaks, transformed through fuming, staining, brushing, or distressing. Each piece is meticulously finished with durable, grain-enhancing natural oil-protective lacquered varnish.

Unleash Your Creativity: Design your floor space to your heart's desire with our contemporary take on traditional parquet flooring. Deco Parquet's precision-milled engineered blocks feature a universal fitting system, enabling you to create the perfect herringbone floor or experiment with a range of new patterns.

A Finish for Every Style: The Deco Parquet finishes are available in our matching Deco Plank, offering you a cohesive look that's sure to impress.

Superior Durability: These floors are engineered to be super durable, guaranteeing longevity and lasting beauty even in high-traffic areas.

Year-Round Comfort: In addition to their robust nature, Deco Parquet floors are compatible with underfloor heating, ensuring that your space remains comfortable and inviting throughout the seasons.

Choose Deco Parquet Herringbone for a floor that combines tradition with innovation, and beauty with strength and call Mazon Flooring today to have a look at the entire V4 Flooring range.