Preserve Nature’s Beauty with Cortejo: V4 Flooring’s Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring.

Immerse yourself in the eco-friendly luxury of Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring from V4 Flooring, a perfect fusion of nature and innovation. Crafted predominantly from the bark of the cork oak tree native to Portugal's Alentejo region, this sustainable flooring choice promotes the preservation of ancient ecosystems and biodiversity.

Harvested every nine years without causing harm to the trees, cork production for Cortejo ensures a negative carbon balance, contributing to environmental sustainability. Each plank boasts a unique personality thanks to the multi-layered cork structure, adding a touch of individuality to your space.

Protected by PVC High Resistance Technology, Cortejo's natural cork surface offers unparalleled comfort, exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation, and superior performance without the use of harmful plastics. Its innate water resistance makes it suitable for any indoor environment, and it's compatible with underfloor heating systems, ensuring easy maintenance and cosy warmth.

Opt for Cortejo Luxury Cork Flooring for a sustainable flooring solution that seamlessly blends with nature while embracing modern sustainability practices. To learn more about the Cortejo range and explore the full V4 Flooring collection, schedule your showroom appointment with us today.