Aged and Tumbled Herringbone Floor Installation.

Mazon Flooring was approached by our client from Leicester, who had been recommended our services as a master installer of herringbone wood flooring.

After discussing over the phone the details of the job, what preparation work the builder had done as part of their work, and the point at which the client was asking us to take over, we offered confirmed prices for the installation of the floor and some estimated costing and contingency costings for the sub-floor preparation works. The customer was happy to proceed based on these figures, and we arranged a site survey to test for construction moisture and look at the smoothing and levelling work required.

After the survey had been completed we confirmed the sub-floor preparation costings, including for a paint on damp proof membrane to protect the herringbone wood flooring and for grinding the sub-floor to remove any debris and contamination in the top surface of the builder’s screed.

Upon agreement of costings, we proceeded with the preparation works, first grinding the sub-floor, then applying paint on damp proof membrane and finally the application of a smoothing compound to make sure all surfaces were smooth and sufficiently level to receive a herringbone wood floor. Mazon Flooring then proceeded to install the tumbled herringbone wood flooring. We finished the installation with two coats of hard wax oil and also completed the installation of the herringbone wood flooring onto two small sets of stairs.

The installation of herringbone wood flooring is time-consuming and takes a great deal of skill and attention. Almost more important than the actual installation itself, is the correct preparation of the sub-floor to make sure it is smooth, flat and either free from moisture or that the finished herringbone wood floor is protected from construction moisture.

The finished floor for our client will last a lifetime if correctly maintained, and will add value and prestige to the property.

Mazon Flooring has a showroom in Birmingham displaying hundreds of flooring options. If you are looking for a herringbone wood flooring, contact Mazon Flooring to discuss your project and we can discuss the options available and find the most suitable wood floor for your needs.